We have a variety of small group Bible studies (LIFE Groups) for the development of every Christian. In these small groups, you will have the opportunity to make connections with others as well as be taught the Bible, God’s Word. You will also be able to connect with God’s love and plan for your life. Basically, a LIFE Group is the place of connections. It is the smaller community within the church, as well as the church organized and functioning. Through LIFE Groups, you can grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, your relationship with others and discover your place of service. Please don’t miss the opportunity that a LIFE Group provides you!

LIFE Group classes are held every week. We cherish the opportunity to get to know you! 

LifeGroup Schedule
When Who's is it for? Leaders Where is it?
9:20 AM New & Developing Christians David and Linda Ramos (Redefined: A Practical Guide to your New Life in Christ 7-week study, begins November 1) C-135 (The Café)
Sunday Evenings (for info, email jeffarmstrong@catcorlando.com) Young Couples Pastor Clayton Cloer
9:20 AM Young Couples Brent Webster/Stephen Tilton A204
9:20 AM Families (all ages) Dan Webster C118/124
9:20 AM Co-Ed (all ages) Trevor Bailey C111
9:20 AM Co-Ed (ages 41+) Guy Maness, Sr. A220/223
9:20 AM Ladies (ages 41+) Marcea Oetting C128
9:20 AM Ladies (ages 41+) Janet Watson C131-B
9:20 AM Ladies (ages 41+) Sonda Connelly/Carolynn Swindell C107
9:20 AM Men (ages 41+) Esten Colley/John Phillips A206
9:20 AM Co-Ed (ages 50+) Larry Wesner C113
9:20 AM Co-Ed (ages 50+) Dwainn Arnett C132-A
9:20 AM Co-Ed (ages 50+) Mike Champion/Louis Edwards C123
9:20 AM Co-Ed (ages 50+) Dexter Johnson C132-B
9:20 AM Single Ladies (ages 50+) Mary Alayon A210
9:20 AM Co-Ed (ages 56+) Rick Martin C134/136
9:20 AM Men (ages 56+) Jack McLendon C114
9:20 AM Co-Ed (ages 66+) Gardenia Jeffries C131-A