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Mission Opportunities

“Knowing Christ and making Him known to all nations.”

We are called by God to make disciples of Jesus in every nation. We carry out our disciple-making mission through an Acts 1:8 strategy. We seek to make disciples first of all in our Jerusalem (West Orlando), in our Judea (Greater Orlando), Samaria (North America), and to the end of the earth (the rest of the world).

Purpose of short-term mission trips:

The purpose of short-term trips sponsored by Church at the Cross is:

  1. to proclaim the Gospel and to present the truths of the inerrant Word of God to people groups throughout the world,
  2. to encourage and facilitate involvement of Church at the Cross members and others in missions projects at home and abroad, and
  3. to increase awareness of world missions needs through personal participation by as much of the body as possible,
  4. to help all language communities and ministries of Church at the Cross act as one body to reach the world for Christ in a spirit of unity and cooperation of bringing the Gospel to the world.

If you feel led to help sponsor someone  or a group to go on a short term missions trip and you want to contribute to that endeavor, please click here.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please mail Guy Maness @ guymaness@catcorlando.com for more information.

Mission Trip Opportunities now available:

Save the Date

East Asia: July 12-22
Trip type: Young Adults/High School Seniors
Estimated Cost: $1500
Team size: 20

This is an annual trip to do a cultural exchange with children in a Day Camp environment. The participants will be housed in a resort-style hotel with all day interaction with the campers. This includes sports, music, drama, and classroom instruction. The intent is to create lifelong relationships with the students and their families.

France: July 16-28
Trip type: Adult/Family 14 or older with parent
Estimated Cost: $1900
Team size: 16

Project Northern Lights (PNL) is a Bible and evangelistic materials distribution ministry that targets European Muslims of North African descent who are traveling through the ship ports of Southern France on their way ‘home’ across the Mediterranean to Algeria and Tunisia.

More than 18 million people of direct North African descent live in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of these expatriates travel home by trans-Mediterranean ferry every summer to see family and friends. Project Northern Lights seeks to offer an evangelistic packet to every traveler making his/her way through the gates of the port Marseille and other ports in Europe and gives a direct mouth to ear gospel presentation as often as possible.
Approximately 20 percent of those who are offered actually accept a packet! Since its beginning, PNL has passed out over a million packets. This is the largest source of Bibles flowing into North Africa!

Please contact Pam Theobold at PamTheobald@cfcaeagles.org for more info.



Missions Trip giving

In making this donation, I agree that funds donated for the purpose of participating in a short-term mission trip of Church at the Cross become Missions Committee assets to distribute, are treated as a donation to a not-for-profit corporation, and are not refundable.  Unexpended trip funds not identified with any group or trip and are to be used at the discretion of the Church at the Cross Missions Committee.

In the “memo” section of the giving page, please indicate the name of the person who has asked you to sponsor his/her mission trip.

Mission Trip Giving